Version 2.4.1 disabled check for naughty builds online Version 2.4.0 check for naughty builds online Version 2.3.9 check for naughty builds Version 2.3.6 small error in blank page Version 2.3.5 aa decoder, little fix and notplayable to use for not showing the dialogue Version 2.3.4 error while page regex will make it nonblank Version 2.3.3 decode gzip page Version 2.3.2 unicode urls in image Version 2.3.1 unicode urls in image Version 2.3.0 added livestreams script addons Version 2.2.9 single dimension repeat bug Version 2.2.8 play command Version 2.2.7 double escape bug in listrepeat Version 2.2.6 support for encrypted xml/m3u8 Version 2.2.5 Urlresolver, removed and added escape to listrepeat items Version 2.2.4 proxy username/pwd , thansks to jairox@tva Version 2.2.3 aadecoder fix Version 2.2.2 Support of $$TSDOWNLOADER$$ parameter in m3u url, if present, the .ts enteries will be executed with f4mtester. Version 2.2.1 improved unicode error trapping Version 2.2.0 improved unicode error trapping Version 2.1.9 improved unicode error trapping Version 2.1.8 improved aaencode decoding Version 2.1.7 support for cryptojs ( with salt based decryption Version 2.1.6 support for cryptojs ( and viewmode Version 2.1.5 support for AADecoder (japanese/emoticon encoding) Version 2.1.4 return NOTPACKED or UNPACKEDFAILED when the html is not having p.a.c.k.e.d section or it fails Version 2.1.3 bug grr Version 2.1.2 support for calling from other addon, pass ?playitem=encodeditem Version 2.1.1 support for TV5 decoding Version 2.1.0 makelist bug Version 2.0.9 better unicode support in repeat list Version 2.0.8 recaptcha improved Version 2.0.7 language support in recaptcha Version 2.0.6 support google uncaptcha recaptcha with user input Version 2.0.5 vipracing to return "" if playpath is "" Version 2.0.4 Bug fix in listrepeat for single items for link Version 2.0.3 Bug fix in listrepeat for single items for link Version 2.0.2 googleReCaptcha function implemented Version 2.0.1 Bug fix in listrepeat for single items. also now param0 is available which will be row number Version 2.0.0 updated unpacked function to split on ABC as well as packed Version 1.9.9 Ignore error in list creation Version 1.9.8 Parental block Version 1.9.7 Parental block Version 1.9.6 list func bug Version 1.9.5 revised list functionality in regex Version 1.9.4 revised list functionality in regex Version 1.9.3 support for list functionality in regex Version 1.9.2 removed unused imports Version 1.9.1 support for x-addr and RijndaelManaged encryption Version 1.9.0 support for proxy using tag and $PLAYERPROXY$=IPAddress:Port Version 1.8.6 oneplay updated Version 1.8.5 bugfix m3u parsing Version 1.8.4 bugfix duplicate entry Version 1.8.3 bugfix Version 1.8.2 All changes by alibaba Version 1.8.1 oneplay decryption function Version 1.8.0 resolver rearranged Version 1.7.9 functions support in LSPro xml file Version 1.7.8 one mistake in oneplay Version 1.7.7 Oneplay decryption! only for NOOB :D Version 1.7.6 Rolled back changes in 1.7.2 is back on, thanks alibaba! Version 1.7.5 fixed captchanew function and support accept there Version 1.7.4 added accept param for regex Version 1.7.3 support for new captcha function Version 1.7.2 now includeheaders include all the headers. Version 1.7.1 Bug fixes Version 1.7.0 Bug fixes Version 1.6.9 icon change and other details Version 1.6.8 Thanks to Alibaba, updated the multi playlist settings for regex etc Version 1.6.7 Thanks to Alibaba, updated the multi playlist settings as well sync with Lambda settings Version 1.6.6 NOTPlayable option in item Version 1.6.5 NOTPlayable option in item Version 1.6.4 Cloudflare wait 4 seconds Version 1.6.2 CF pass value with quoteplus Version 1.6.2 CF pass value Version 1.6.1 fix the release issue Version 1.6.0 support for noredirect tag in regex to stop the redirect Version 1.5.9 Thanks to alibaba@tvaddons, added f4m,youtube and ftv tags etc. Version 1.5.8 added param for referer in vip racing Version 1.5.7 fix iphonetv and sample to use it Version 1.5.6 added daramas online addon in ignore setsolved list Version 1.5.5 added zemtv addon in ignore setsolved list, thanks to gujal and alibaba, a quick fix in iphonetv_url function Version 1.5.4 minor change in vipracing for ilive Version 1.5.3 added a function to parse ads in hls m38 file ferrari Version 1.5.2 Fixed accented char issue in m3u8 parsing Version 1.5.1 Thanks to Alibaba, added daily motion search ,pulsar and many more Version 1.5.0 Thanks to Alibaba, added download support and fix url resolver issue with helix, plus many more Version 1.4.9 bug fix, Channels could contain multiple item which could have each externallink Version 1.4.8 Alibaba changes, bug fix Version 1.4.7 Alibaba changes, support for m3u file,urlresolver and youtube-dl Version 1.4.6 support appendCookie Version 1.4.5 support regex in setCookie Version 1.4.4 Support SaveToFile and LoadFile function Version 1.4.3 support for clourdflare Version 1.4.2 support for token generation Version 1.4.1 support iguide too Version 1.4.0 little improvment so that one you call vipracing function to decrypt ilive and others Version 1.3.9 Change to support the calls to Vaughnlive,ilive,p2p, and sportsdevil. Thanks to Version 1.3.8 vipracing function, support for option pages Version 1.3.7 epoctime2 in page tag and vipracing function Version 1.3.6 epoctime in page tag Version 1.3.5 enable ignorecache Version 1.3.4 fix to ignore if regex fails Version 1.3.3 bug fixed for externallink Version 1.3.2 Added get_packed_iphonetv_url Version 1.3.1 improved Dag function, now it support to recive the dag url directly Version 1.3.0 Support for x-forward Version 1.2.9 Support for vaughlive Version 1.2.8 Support for f4m via regex. Version 1.2.7 Support for Pass channelid to the function get_url $pyFunction:playtvfr.get_url('$doregex[getplayerid]') Version 1.2.5 Bug fix Version 1.2.5 Support for playmedia Version 1.2.4 Added get_saw_rtmp and get_leton_rtmp support Version 1.2.3 Support for decrypting wise function, also DAG url player Version 1.2.2 Support for retry for ustream links, now new function is available Version 1.2.1 Corrected the copy paste problem lol Version 1.2.0 Cloned from divingmules and added all my changes Version 1.1.3 update for XBMC Gotham compatibility